PREVIEW: Acting Agent Phone-In - With Nicola Bolton & Bryony Pulizzi (Nicola Bolton Management)!

podcast preview Dec 02, 2019

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**When we recorded this podcast, Nicola and Bryony were agents at Regan Talent Group. In July 2020, they set up a new agency - Nicola Bolton Management.

Regan Manchester - part of the Regan Talent Group are one of the leading acting agencies in the UK.

You only need to glance at the agency's Twitter feed, to see a constant stream of clients, working at the top of TV, film and theatre.

I invited senior agent Nicola Bolton, and her associate agent Bryony Pulizzi over, to record an interactive phone-in podcast, taking questions from members of Act On This, and to discuss what it takes to sign with an agency like Regan!

During our chat, we discuss:

  • The history of Regan Talent Group, and Nicola and Bryony's roles within it.
  • What Nicola and Bryony look for when signing new actors.
  • How to get the most out of a meeting with an agent.
  • What makes a good and a bad agent.
  • Why a 'no' isn't a 'no' forever.
  • Cover letters, and what to say when writing to an agent.
  • Showreels, and what to include.
  • How to form an awesome relationship with your agent.
  • Why it's a partnership - and why YOU must hustle too!
  • Why communication is CRITICAL.
  • When it's perhaps time to look for new representation.
  • Working with your agent to target specific casting directors.
  • Why KNOWLEDGE of this industry is real power.
  • How a simple tweak to your Spotlight profile, can turn your career around.
  • How to cleverly distribute your work via social media, in order to gain opportunity.
  • Nicola and Bryony's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is one DEEP education on agents and the industry!

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