PREVIEW: Act On This 'Table Talk' (April 2022) - Feeling Enough, Chasing Happiness & Avoiding Acting Scams!

podcast preview Apr 14, 2022

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WE'RE BACK with our 2nd episode of 'Table Talk' - our brand new Act On This member-only podcast!

As we enter the 2nd quarter of 2022 - it's time for some real-talk on what we're seeing holding actors back from the success they so deserve in this industry!

During this podcast, we discuss:

  • The latest happenings at Act On This.
  • Our flagship coaching program 'First TV Role Fast-Track'.
  • Upcoming Act On This LIVE broadcast guests.
  • The number one reason so many actors have already given up on their 2022 goals.
  • PATIENCE - and why it's critical to winning in life.
  • Chasing happiness and why it's futile.
  • Seeking validation from strangers and the desire for acting industry awards.
  • How you can be happy NOW, before you 'make it'.
  • The key ingredients of gratitude and perspective.
  • Why dwelling on past negatives will only ever kill future positives.
  • Muggle jobs - and why even super-successful actors still need them.
  • How much 'stuff' we actually need to be happy?
  • Why social media posts never tell the full story.
  • ALRA closing and why some drama schools are literally criminal.
  • Doing your research, BEFORE you part with ANY money in this industry.
  • Scams and bullsh*tters in the acting industry.
  • Business and why chasing money will never lead to success.
  • And MUCH MUCH more!

It's a BIG ONE - sit back and enjoy!

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