PREVIEW: 'Ackley Bridge' Roundtable - With Rob James-Collier & Jordan Hogg!

podcast preview Jul 22, 2019

I love it when 2 past guests of Act On This, end up working together on a great project - and that's EXACTLY what has happened here!

Actor Rob-James Collier, who you'll know previously as Thomas in Downton Abbey, and BAFTA-winning director Jordan Hogg (BOTH great friends of the site), recently joined forces on season 3 of Channel 4's Ackley Bridge.

The duo are 2 of the most positive and motivated people I know in the acting industry, and so I leapt at the chance of bringing them together, for an interactive phone-in with our PREMIUM members.

During our chat, we discuss:

  • How Rob and Jordan got involved with Ackley Bridge.
  • What it was like working on the show together.
  • What Rob and Jordan learnt from the younger actors on the show.
  • Rob's audition for Ackley, and why he always takes risks in a casting.
  • The differences in period and contemporary castings.
  • Why you really WANT a director to give you direction in an audition.
  • How actors, not on Spotlight, can get on Spotlight FAST!
  • Agents, and why communication with your agent is CRITICAL.
  • Showreels, and the importance of production values.
  • Why so much of life, is about ASKING for what you want.
  • Why actors need to watch MORE TV!
  • Working on short films and when it's appropriate to work for FREE!
  • Rob and Jordan's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

You're gonna learn A LOT from this - and it's also VERY FUNNY!

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