PREVIEW: 7 Steps To Showreel Success - With TOP Showreel Producer Chris Stone!

podcast preview Mar 03, 2019

In my opinion, director Chris Stone is the UK's premier showreel producer.

I've worked with Chris a lot over the years.

I've shot custom showreel scenes with him, starred in webseries he's created, he's the only guy I'll let edit my reel, and we've teamed up on multiple occasions, to put out content that helps actors understand the very best practices in showreel creation.

One thing we hadn't done... until now... was distill these best practices down, into an easily digestible guide - so, I invited Chris into the studio to put that right.

The result, was this podcast, and Chris' 7 steps to showreel success.

During our chat, Chris and I discussed:

  • The critical points to consider, when choosing a showreel editor.
  • The pro's and cons of editing your reel yourself.
  • Using custom showreel scenes to bolster casting opportunities.
  • How to use your headshot for maximum impact.
  • The do's and don'ts of using text.
  • Why less is more, and why you should NEVER become emotionally attached to your footage.
  • The most common issues that destroy a reel's integrity.
  • How to order your scenes, and why you must develop a solid understanding of screen language.
  • Using 'thematic cuts' to keep viewers glued to their screens.
  • The secret to keeping a showreel's 'flow'.
  • The PERFECT showreel length, and why your reel must NOT exceed it.
  • Prime places to distribute your showreel.
  • Social media hacks to GUARANTEE attention, from the people that matter.
  • When to update your showreel, and planning for future edits.

And MUCH MUCH more!

There is NO BETTER guide to showreels out there!

To give you an idea of Chris' work, here is a scene I shot with him, and the super-talented Freya Lund.

Ex-Girlfriend from Chris Stone on Vimeo.


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