PREVIEW: 7 Golden Rules Of Self-Tapes (That Are Meant To Be Broken) - With 'Brassic's' Rick Carr!

podcast preview Sep 02, 2019

There is NO DOUBT about it, self-tapes have become BIG business in the acting industry, over the last 12 months.

Casting directors are often skipping first-round, in-person auditions - opting for self-tapes instead - and actors are being asked to put themselves on tape, multiple times a week, during busy periods.

You can no longer use your technophobia as an excuse for a poor self-tape - if YOU don't up your self-tape game NOW, you're going to lose - it's very simple.

I asked accidental self-tape guru, actor Rick Carr, round to my apartment, to record the most in-depth chat on self-tapes, that you'll find ANYWHERE.

During our chat, Rick and I discuss:

  • The rise in the popularity of self-tapes.
  • How a self-tape got Rick his role in Sky One's Brassic.
  • The ONE THING you MUST do, before you even think about self-taping for a casting director.
  • Getting your ident/ slate right.
  • The best place in your house to shoot a self-tape.
  • What to wear for each tape, and why you mustn't overlook simple costume choices.
  • Why you don't need the most expensive camera to produce quality work.
  • How to light your self-tape well, even on a zero budget.
  • The best mics to use for QUALITY audio - and the £75 setup that will really make you stand out.
  • Why you should create a self-tape Whatsapp group!
  • Editing your tape, and giving it that extra sparkle.
  • The different ways to deliver your finished tape.
  • Why ALL self-tape rules are meant to be broken.
  • Rick's TOP life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

It's time to get your self-tape game on point!

Hit 'play' NOW!


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