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Act On This - Making Actors TAKE ACTION!

Ready to upgrade your acting career and your life? Welcome to the Act On This community!

I set up Act On This back in 2011 - with ONE goal in mind - to make actors TAKE ACTION on achieving their career hopes and dreams.

Lots of actors talk the talk, but very few get uncomfortable, take risks and put in the work required to walk the walk. This is for many reasons - fear, lack of industry knowledge, lack of acting experience and lack of contacts - to name but a few.

I try and fill these gaps by giving YOU access to the greatest minds in the acting industry - A-list actors, the biggest casting directors, agents, executive producers, writers and more.

You can watch and listen as I sit down with these people and ask them what it takes to cultivate acting greatness.

Couple this with access to thousands of like-minded, passionate, inspired actors in our private Facebook group, along with weekly high-performance mindset coaching, and you'll soon develop the knowledge, aptitude and bulletproof psychology to GUARANTEE more success than you have ever had before.

Membership to Act On This is FREE - but I also offer the most dedicated actors EXCLUSIVE access to EVEN MORE content, early access to my latest features, and priority invites to all in-person Act On This events and workshops.

I'd LOVE you to join more than 4500 of us, as we tackle the acting industry TOGETHER!

There's no time like the present!

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