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Developing Patience & Persistence – With ‘Humans’ Casting Director Victor Jenkins!

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Broadcast Guest:
Victor Jenkins CDG
Broadcast Topic:
Open casting Q&A!
Broadcast Length:
1 hour and 13 minutes!

WOW - what a Q&A this was - with one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL casting directors I've had the pleasure of hosting on Act On This - Victor Jenkins CDG!

It's been over 3 years since I last sat down with Victor - you can hear our first podcast here - so a catch up was well overdue!

Responsible for casting some of the VERY BEST TV drama in existence - Humans, Unforgotten, Broadchurch, Grantchester, The Rook, to name but a few - Victor's casting and acting career advice is INVALUABLE!

Watch this broadcast to hear Victor's advice on agents, auditions, self-tapes, making waves online, creating your own work + MORE!

Victor's nominated charity for this LIVE broadcast was Bowel Cancer UK.

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