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Swapping Cops For Cameras – With Hollyoaks’ Newest Recruit Dan Jillings!

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Podcast Guest:
Dan Jillings
Podcast Topic:
Doing things DIFFERENTLY to secure more acting work!
Podcast Length:
1 hour and 5 minutes!

It gives me GREAT pleasure to give you guys this brand new 'Coffee Conversation' with Hollyoaks' latest recruit, actor Dan Jillings!

I'd heard numerous TV directors speak highly of Dan's work, but it wasn't until Emmerdale's Danny Miller introduced me to Dan, that I discovered he was also a really TOP bloke!

Dan and Danny run an INCREDIBLE charity together, called Once Upon A Smile, helping children and parents deal with bereavement.

You can learn all about the charity by watching this episode of my vlog - #WatchRoss.

Anyway, after working with Dan on a video for the charity, and hearing about his latest acting role - playing Billy Parker in Hollyoaks - I just had to get him on the site for a chat!

During our chat, Dan and I discussed:

  • The 9 years he spent as a policeman, before becoming an actor.
  • How he nearly missed his very first acting class.
  • His transition from the police force, into the acting industry.
  • Why he wasn't ready to audition at first & the problems that caused him.
  • Why it's SO IMPORTANT to embrace your casting type.
  • The tiny role Dan secured, which led to MUCH BIGGER things.
  • How Dan does things DIFFERENTLY, when reaching out to casting directors.
  • Why doing things differently, lead to his latest role as Billy in Hollyoaks.
  • Why it's critical you keep perspective on life as an actor.
  • The advice Dan would go back and give to his 21 year-old self.

And MUCH MUCH more!

I really think you're going to enjoy this one!

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