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Capture More Castings – With ‘Hollyoaks’ Casting Director Peter Hunt CDG!

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Broadcast Guest:
Peter Hunt CDG
Broadcast Topic:
How to land MORE auditions than EVER before!
Broadcast Length:
1 hour and 21 minutes!

It's gives me GREAT pleasure to welcome back a great friend of Act On This - head of 'Hollyoaks' casting, Peter Hunt!

A fair few months ago, I recorded this awesome podcast with Peter, and it's been one of the most listened to episodes ever!

This time I wanted to give members the chance to interact with Peter directly, so we opened the floor up for an 'anything goes' Q&A session!

Being one of the most loyal and honest casting directors in the game, this guy didn't disappoint, and dropped some PRICELESS knowledge-bombs, GUARANTEED to help you book more casting than EVER BEFORE!

Peter's nominated charity for this LIVE broadcast was Once Upon A Smile. For more info and to help support this cause please visit NOW!

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