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What It Takes To Win An Oscar – With ‘The Silent Child’ Actress & Writer Rachel Shenton!

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Podcast Guest:
Rachel Shenton
Podcast Topic:
Behind the scenes of an Oscar-winning short!
Podcast Length:
58 minutes!

4 years ago, I started producing LIVE video broadcasts for Act On This - my very first guest was an actress I'd met, whilst shooting an episode of C4's Hollyoaks.

My guest was Rachel Shenton - and you can go watch that broadcast here.

Fast forward 4 years and Rachel has moved on from Hollyoaks - now making BIG waves in Hollywood, with her Oscar-winning short film 'The Silent Child'.

Obviously, I had to bring Rachel back to the site to tell us all about this incredible journey!

During our chat, Rachel and I discussed:

  • The mayhem that ensues when you win an Academy Award.
  • What happened to Rachel upon leaving Hollyoaks, and why she looked to the US for acting work.
  • The reason Rachel chose to begin writing a short film.
  • The FEAR and 'imposter syndrome' she encountered as an actress, writing for the first time.
  • How she went about funding The Silent Child.
  • The process of shooting The Silent Child.
  • Why she wanted to cry, the first time she saw the rough-cut of the film.
  • How to attack the short film festival circuit.
  • The first email she received from The Academy.
  • The future of The Silent Child.
  • The advice Rachel would go back and give herself at the very start of the process.

And MUCH MUCH more!

You are going to LOVE THIS!