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Ditching Finance For Film – With Actor Graeme Thomas King!

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Podcast Guest:
Graeme Thomas King
Podcast Topic:
Ditching the day job & following your passion!
Podcast Length:
1 hour and 3 minutes!

I was catching up with world-renowned acting coach, Dee Cannon, last week - when she started telling me about an actor that I, "just had to interview".

The actor she was talking about was Graeme Thomas King, whose entry into the industry is fascinating.

Only three years ago, he was working as a successful businessman at a hedge fund in London. Now, even though this guy was living a great life on paper, he just wasn't fulfilled by his work, and he knew he had to find his passion.

A chance encounter with a student filmmaker, on the number 11 bus, literally changed his life - taking him on a journey that would see him study acting in New York, land a role in Academy Award Winner Neil Jordan's film 'The Widow', move to LA, and make some serious waves during his first pilot season.

Obviously, Dee was right, and I just had to jump on Skype with Graeme to hear more!

During our chat, we discussed:

  • The warning signs which made Graeme realise finance wasn't for him.
  • Gaining the courage to swap currency for legacy.
  • The one acting book which took him to New York.
  • Why self-awareness, patience and hard work are a KILLER combination.
  • How Graeme secured an incredible team around him after leaving his NYC acting school.
  • The self tape that led to him working with an Academy Award-winning director.
  • The importance of doing.
  • Why you must NEVER settle.
  • The advice Graeme would give to any actor, stuck in a job they hate.

And MUCH MUCH more!

Get ready to be inspired, motivated and entertained!