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Why Positivity Matters – With ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Casting Director Nicky Bligh!

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Broadcast Guest:
Nicky Bligh CDG
Broadcast Topic:
Comedy casting and the power of positivity!
Broadcast Length:
Just over 1 hour!

It gives me GREAT pleasure to welcome back to the site, one of the most POSITIVE casting directors on the planet - the wonderful Nicky Bligh!

Responsible for casting MASSIVE comedy hits, including: Mrs Brown's Boys, Living The Dream, Mount Pleasant, and Ricky Gervais' Extras, Nicky knows what she needs from a comic actor.

After interviewing Nicky for a podcast a couple of years ago - I just had to ask her back for a 100% LIVE video Q&A!

Nicky's nominated charity for this LIVE broadcast was The Children's Trust. For more info and to help support this cause please visit NOW!

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