6 FAST & Simple Ways To Get Out Of A Slump!

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2018 is well under way - but has the excitement of a fresh start, a new opportunity, a clean slate just waiting for you to write 'success' all over it, started to wain yet?

Statistically by January 24th, most people have given up on their resolutions, they've lost motivation, and old habits have started to kick back in.

If this sounds like you, DON'T PANIC.

There are some simple things you can do to get your mojo back QUICKLY.

Let's take a look at a few!

1. Leave Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever tried bungee jumping, go-karting, snorkelling or holding a tarantula?

When life strikes you down, or you feel just plain bored, it’s up to you to shake things up!

You’d be surprised how powerful it can be to push your own boundaries just a little bit, even if it means just learning a new dance or taking on a karaoke challenge.

If you’re having one of those dark days, fill it with excitement, and as soon as you feel the sheer fun of doing and learning something you’ve never done before, your self-esteem will soar.

2. Build Up Your Rejection-Immunity

We do our best to avoid rejection, but maybe Jia Jiang had it right, with his idea of a rejection challenge.

This involves putting yourself at constant exposure to this lovely experience, day after day, until you’re no longer governed by it.

Practice makes perfect, after all.

So, expose yourself to some form of rejection every day. Make impossible requests from people just to feel the sting.

Think of it as your vaccination against fear of rejection, and you’ll develop thicker skin for when the real deal strikes.

Plus, don’t forget that some of the biggest stars out there, Hugh Jackman and Scarlet Johansen included, were rejected many times before striking gold.

3. Music

Never underestimate the power your favourite tunes can have on your mood and spirit.

By now, you've probably amassed a whole list of songs that have a positive effect on you.

These songs will no doubt be emotionally attached to good times and events in your life.

Create an emergency playlist with uplifting picks and fill your day with singing and dancing around the house.

It may seem like a temporary fix, but it’s more than enough to get you out of your couch-potato, self-criticising rut and on to greater challenges.

4. Get Physical

With its ability to boost your levels of the happy hormones, endorphin and dopamine among others, exercising is the simplest, most convenient way of sweating off the tension and stress of any negative event in your life - while simultaneously improving your confidence.

Pick a class, or a workout routine, look for suitable gym wear online to put you in the right mindset, and prep your protein shake for afterwards.

Your mind and body will thank you for the effort, and your self-esteem will rise MASSIVELY!

5. Volunteer

When the world isn’t too happy to do something for you, go and do something for someone else.

Giving is a profoundly rewarding way of taking the focus away from your own troubles and making a difference where it truly matters.

Not only will you feel more grateful for what you have, you'll also help someone overcome their own setbacks.

Be an acting mentor, share your knowledge with those less experienced or fortunate than you, help your elderly neighbour, donate to a charity - take your pick, there are endless ways to help.

6. Head Into Nature

Spending time surrounded by greenery and fresh air is so restorative and healing.

Nature has been shown to affect mind and body on several important levels: from reducing inflammation, restoring creative spark, to reducing anxiety and depression.

Nature truly is the best medicine.

Head to your nearest park for a stroll, soak in the sun, or spend a weekend hiking in a nature reserve - it will do you good.

After such a refreshing change of pace, you’ll be ready to tackle new challenges, both physically and mentally.

Let the games begin!