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Casting Actors From A Writer’s Perspective – With ‘Poldark’ Creator Debbie Horsfield!

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Podcast Guest:
Debbie Horsfield
Podcast Topic:
The casting process as a writer!
Podcast Length:
42 minutes

When I bumped into BAFTA-nominated writer and creator of BBC One's Poldark, Debbie Horsfield, at a recent readthrough - I just HAD to ask her to take part in a podcast with me.

You see, we hear about casting from a casting director and director's perspective all the time - but NEVER from a writer's perspective.

Writers play a HUGE part in casting their shows, particularly with many of them being exec producers too.

I caught up with Debbie to get her view on casting, along with the keys to writing a TOP TV drama!

During our chat, Debbie and I discussed:

  • Why we ALL have our own insecurities, regardless of success!
  • How Debbie got her first ever break as a writer.
  • Why you only ever need permission from yourself to START anything!
  • Why taking a side job WITHIN the industry is way better than a standard 9-5!
  • The point at which Debbie gets involved with casting.
  • What actors should say, when asked about a script at audition.
  • Why Debbie watches EVERY casting tape!
  • Why you should embrace self-taping and get GREAT at it!
  • What success means to Debbie.
  • Debbie's success habits.
  • The advice Debbie would go back and give her 20 year-old self.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is such a MOTIVATIONAL chat - you just have to hear it all!

Debbie's Nominated Charity - Macmillan

Debbie's nominated charity for this podcast is Macmillan.