September 2017 – LIVE #ActOnThisTV Open Mic Q&A!

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Welcome BACK to a BRAND NEW, monthly Act On This feature!

I'm very pleased to say that more and more people have been tuning into my LIVE video broadcasts recently - and we now have HUNDREDS of actors watching every Monday and Wednesday night at 9PM (UK time).

I want to make sure I'm giving MAXIMUM value to this audience, so I've decided to open the floor up for an #ActOnThisTV open mic Q&A free for all on the FIRST Monday of each month.

This is YOUR chance to ask me ANYTHING on acting, voiceover, social media marketing, mindset... whatever you like.

Watch this broadcast to discover the BEST app EVER for keeping track of your expenses as an actor, how to get your Twitter account verified with that blue tick, which upcoming guests I've got booked for Act On This LIVE broadcasts, what I'd do if I was starting out again as an actor - AND MUCH MORE!

What was your favourite takeaway from this open mic Q&A?

Let me know in the comments section below or use the Twitter buttons to send a tweet!

Tune In LIVE Next Time!

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