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He’s BACK! LIVE Video Q&A With Casting Director Daniel Edwards CDG!

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Broadcast Guest:
Daniel Edwards CDG
Broadcast Topic:
Open Q&A on all things casting!
Broadcast Length:
1 hour and 37 minutes!

A couple of years back, I recorded what has to be the LONGEST, and probably FUNNIEST #ActOnThisTV podcast EVER, with TOP TV casting director Daniel Edwards!

Daniel was casting the ITV smash hit, Mr Selfridge at the time.

You can listen to the full 2 HOUR+ chat right here.

Since then, Daniel has gone on to cast hugely successful shows including; the final 2 seasons of Ripper Street, season 4 of Line Of Duty (co casting with Kate Rhodes James), ITV's Him, and Channel 4’s critically acclaimed Born To Kill.

Recently, I was reading-in for Daniel on a undisclosed drama, that he is currently working on, and we both decided it was time to have him back on the site.

Rather than another podcast however, I've convinced him to take part in a 100% LIVE video Q&A!

Daniel's nominated charity for this LIVE broadcast was Crisis! For more info and to help support this cause please visit NOW!

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