1Tap Receipts & Claiming ALL ACTING EXPENSES That Are Rightfully Yours!

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As an actor or performer you quite understandably want to focus on your career - improving your skills and winning those big roles.

So it’s no wonder that accounting is not massively high up your list of priorities.

The trouble is, the majority of actors struggle every year to get their accounts together, for submission to HMRC.

You've probably been there right? The tax return deadline has crept up on you out of nowhere, and you find yourself in the midst of a manic week - gathering up bags of receipts and hastily typed up (or even hand-written) lists of invoices and agent statements, to give to your impatient accountant!

You just about make the deadline, but your stress levels are through the roof!

For most rational people this would be seen as a crazy state of affairs, but many actors end up in this situation year in, year out.

It can lead to higher accountancy fees and a nasty surprise tax bill at the end of the year, because you didn’t realise you owed so much!

This ostrich-style 'head in the sand' syndrome seems to strike actors and performers harder than most other professions.

Well, I'd like to introduce you to a revolutionary new app, that can totally help you avoid this mess.

Act On This has partnered with the UK’s first expense app - 1Tap Receipts - specifically built to meet the needs of actors and performers.

It’s a super easy way to make expense claims. It also ensures they are all accurate.

Simply photograph your receipts on your mobile phone and that's you done!

Their people (yes, real people) process them and categorise your expenses ready for your Self-Assessment, and save the images in the cloud for 6 years to Keep HMRC happy.

And it's not just receipts you can submit to 1Tap; train tickets, parking tickets, invoices... you name it.

You can even email receipts in too.

This means all your online purchases, job invoices, plane tickets, basically everything that’s emailed to your inbox, can be sent directly to 1Tap and processed for you.

Therefore you can be sure you'll never miss a tax deduction again!

For Act On This members, 1Tap have put together an amazing 25% discount offer.

Just download the basic version of the 1Tap app which you can use for free - and receive your discounted offer for the prime version within 48 hours - you’ll pay just £29.99 for the ENTIRE YEAR, instead of £39.99!

Click HERE NOW and start claiming what is rightfully yours TODAY!

And if you still need convincing, here are four very good reasons you should start using 1Tap for your own financial health:

1. You Definitely Aren’t Claiming ALL Of Your Legitimate Expenses!

Actors and performers don’t claim anywhere near enough of their legitimate expenses. In fact, three in five admit they can’t be bothered to mess around claiming low value receipts.

This is a huge mistake - around 60% of expenses are under £20! And all those small claims will add up. Did you realise you can claim up to 20p in every £1 you earn back against your tax bill through claiming properly?

2. Actors & Performers Have Interesting Expenses!

Actors and performers are often able to claim expenses that most other self employed people can’t.

Under correct circumstances you may be able to claim cinema and theatre tickets for research purposes and hairdressing, costumes and makeup for attending specific events. However, you must be careful to make sure that you can prove they are ‘wholly and necessary’ purchases for your business.

To help you keep track of these ‘unusual’ expenses, 1Tap allows you to create custom tags so you can easily identify these kinds of expenses. You can also split a receipt to record personal and business purchases to ensure you don’t over-claim by accident.

3. You’ll Save Yourself A LOT Of Stress Each Winter!

It’s the annual pantomime performed year after year. You start worrying in November, panicking in December and then all out meltdown in January - as you scramble around looking for all those faded receipts.

If you use a simple app like 1Tap Receipts, you’ll save yourself a huge amount of stress and know exactly where you are all year around. Plus, by being up to date and organised, you should get favourable rates from your accountant and avoid that unexpected tax bill!

4. You Can Actually Make Informed Decisions At Last!

So now imagine that you are snapping all your receipts as you go and getting a live view of how much you are saving on your tax bill.

Not only that, but over the coming months 1Tap will be launching an income stream recorder, so you’ll suddenly see clearly where you are financially - which means that rather than guessing your financial health, you’ll always have a live status you can use to make informed decisions.

It's a no-brainer right?

Click HERE and take control of your finances RIGHT NOW!

Got questions? Leave me a comment below and I'll get back to you!