Upcoming Podcast – Submit Your Questions For ‘Poldark’ Writer Debbie Horsfield!

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Aidan Turner in Poldark!

I recently had the pleasure of working on a new BBC One drama called 'Age Before Beauty' - written by the rather AMAZING Debbie Horsfield.

Debbie is such an accomplished writer, responsible for HUGE shows such as; 'Poldark', 'True Dare Kiss' and 'Cutting It'.

Whilst at the readthrough for ABB, I got chatting to Debbie about casting big shows from a writer's perspective - and it gave me some fascinating insight.

Always being on the lookout for you guys in the Act On This community, I asked Debbie to take part in a podcast with me, so I could share this insight with you.

Debbie kindly agreed and we're going to sit down on September 19th to record.

This is YOUR opportunity to submit questions for a BAFTA-nominated writer - and get answers that could really help you take your castings to the next level!

You may be intrigued to know how much say a writer has in the casting process? Whether a writer ALWAYS sees your casting tapes?

Perhaps you'd like to know if Debbie writes for particular actors in mind - and how you can get into her mind? Haha!

Don't be afraid to ask a question!

Simply login, revisit this page and leave it in the comments section below!

You can also tweet me your questions, using the Twitter button below:

Debbie is such a kind soul - you'll love her!

  • Nina Stratford

    I try to be as pro active as possible by writing to CDs, Directors and Producers. I’ve never really considered contacting the writers of shows but would you be happy to receive emails from actors if they truly felt they were right for a drama and how much influence do you have when it comes to choosing the cast?