#BookClub – ‘Get Off Your “But”‘ & Take FULL Responsibility For Your Life!

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In this Periscope replay, I dive back into the INCREDIBLE book - 'Get Off Your "But"' - by Sean Stephenson - for one last time!

This might sound a little harsh, but from my experience of people, I'd say that at least 90% of folk I meet, ARE NOT taking FULL responsibility for where they are in life.

They're happy to take responsibility for the good, but they are full of reasons for why the bad just 'happened to them'.

This is actually a really disempowering way to live your life. Acting from a place where life simply happens to you, will screw you up on so many levels.

Watch this scope to discover a simple equation that Sean calls 'The Freedom Formula' - it's really going to help you OWN your sh*t - and experience WAY MORE SUCCESS!


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