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Hey all!

This is just a SUPER-QUICK blog post to make sure that EVERYONE is subscribed FOR FREE to 'The ActOnThisTV Audio Experience'!

If you don't know what 'The ActOnThisTV Audio Experience' is, it's an EXCLUSIVE podcast that I publish over on iTunes and Stitcher - MULTIPLE times each week.

The podcast includes audio from my LIVE Periscope and Facebook video broadcasts, impromptu phone calls that I make to acting industry pros, plus something that I've just brought back out to play - a feature I call 'Five To Thrive'.

#FiveToThrive episodes are 5-10 minute personal development podcasts that focus on one area of self-improvement, high-performance mindset or science-backed positive psychology.

The podcast has been receiving some AMAZING 5 STAR reviews recently, and I know once you listen to it, you'll be hooked.

Listen to an episode below - then GO SUBSCRIBE!


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