He’s Back! Upcoming #ActOnThisTV Episode With Rob James-Collier!

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Get your questions in for Rob NOW!

Hey folks - awesome news!

Guess who's just agreed to join me for #ActOnThisTV episode 7 later this week?

Of course you're right - you've just read the title of this post - it's Rob James Collier!

Known most famously for playing the iconic footman, Thomas Barrow, in Downton Abbey - Rob has come A LONG WAY in the 15 years since I met him at an acting class in Manchester.

He's just been on our screens as Kevin O'Dowd in ITV's The Level - and I'm intrigued to hear what's next for Rob.

Mr Collier has been kind enough to take part in multiple features for Act On This over the years, but this will be the first 'in-person' interview he's done with me.

I'll be sitting down in the awesome 'On The 7th' to interview Rob on the evening of April 6th 2017 - AND I WANT YOUR QUESTIONS!

There are no stupid questions - except the ones YOU DON'T ASK - so if you have a question you want Rob to answer, please submit it!

Your question could be something on auditions, finding an agent, working on Downton, life after Downton... ANYTHING - please shout up!

Simply login, revisit this page and leave your question in the comments section below!

You can also tweet me your questions, using the Twitter button below:

Rob is such an entertainer - I KNOW this is going to be AMAZING! 🙂