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How To Be Truly Fearless – With BAFTA Nominated Director Jordan Hogg

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Episode Guest:
Jordan Hogg
Episode Topic:
Facing adversity and destroying fear!
Episode Length:
1 hour and 7 minutes!

A MASSIVE welcome to episode 6 of #ActOnThisTV!

And what an INCREDIBLE episode this is, with BAFTA nominated director - Jordan Hogg!

Jordan is a young, dynamic director, with absolutely NO FEAR - having faced and overcome some huge adversity in his life. He lives with pretty severe cerebral palsy, but this hasn't stopped him chasing his dreams.

Jordan first honed his skills as a director on series 6 & 7 of the critically acclaimed Shameless for Company Pictures/ Channel 4 and was then selected to be a member of Channel 4’s Shooting Party.

In 2010, Jordan joined Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, where he directed over 40 episodes across a three-year stint - and was nominated for the Channel 4 CDN 'Best Breakthrough Talent' award. He then went on to become a regular director for BBC’s Doctors, directing over 40 episodes.

Jordan currently resides on the cobbles at Coronation Street - directing the nations favourite soap.

I asked Jordan to join me at 'On The 7th' in MediaCityUK to share the inside secrets to his success.

During our chat, Jordan and I discussed:

  • The difference between 'wanting' and 'needing' to fulfil your dreams.
  • The impact of cerebral palsy on Jordan's journey - and how it drives him to work even harder.
  • Diversity within the TV industry - and the work that's still needed to be done.
  • How actors get in THEIR OWN WAY - and block themselves from success.
  • Why you must NEVER ask a director for a job - and what you should ask instead.
  • How Jordan knows if an actor is right for a role within 10 seconds of meeting them.
  • What traits Jordan LOVES and HATES in an actor.
  • Why actors should embrace spontaneity in a casting.
  • How Jordan works with actors on set at Coronation Street.
  • Why there really is NOTHING to fear in the acting industry.
  • Jordan's BIGGEST life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is a SUPERB opportunity to hear about all things acting, directing and casting, from a guy who knows this industry inside out!

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