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Acting On Your Own Terms – With ‘Ordinary Lies’ Actor George Bukhari

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Episode Guest:
George Bukhari
Episode Topic:
Having the courage to build an acting career on your own terms!
Episode Length:
1 hour and 8 minutes!

It's here folks! Welcome to episode 5 of #ActOnThisTV!

It gives me GREAT pleasure to launch this episode, with special guest and great friend of mine - George Bukhari!

George is an incredible actor, and also has an incredible story to tell.

Over the last 5 years, George has gone from a drama school graduate, to starring in the West End, landing TOP TV jobs on BBC One's Happy Valley, Ordinary Lies and The A Word - all whilst losing a whopping 11 STONE in weight!

I asked George to join me at 'On The 7th' in MediaCityUK to tell us all about that journey and MORE!

During our chat, George and I discussed:

  • The decision behind George's life-changing weight loss - and its affect on his acting career.
  • The value of drama school and whether it's worth going.
  • Why George left drama school before he'd actually graduated.
  • How George landed his first gig on TV with Sarah Lancashire.
  • Why building solid relationships within the industry is VITAL for success.
  • Finding mentors within the acting industry.
  • Using social media POSITIVELY within your acting career.
  • Why George had to LIE TO HIS PARENTS about his acting career.
  • Why it's CRITICAL to NEVER play it safe in life.
  • George's BIGGEST life lessons.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This is a unique opportunity to hear from one of the country's brightest young actors!

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