Upcoming #ActOnThisTV Episode With BAFTA Nominated Director Jordan Hogg!

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Hey folks - great news!

Today, I confirmed my special guest for #ActOnThisTV episode 6 - BAFTA nominated director, Jordan Hogg!

I've known of Jordan for a number of years, but only met him recently when he auditioned me for a role in Coronation Street. Upon meeting him, his passion and enthusiasm for his work was so incredibly obvious - I knew I HAD to get him on the show for a chat!

Jordan first honed his skills as a director on series 6 & 7 of the critically acclaimed Shameless for Company Pictures/ Channel 4 and was then selected to be a member of Channel 4’s Shooting Party.

In 2010, Jordan joined Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, where he directed over 40 episodes across a three-year stint - and was nominated for the Channel 4 CDN 'Best Breakthrough Talent' award.

He then went on to become a regular director for BBC’s Doctors, directing over 40 episodes.

Jordan has also directed the BBC spin-off from Radio 4 series Craven, as well as directing and producing several short films and companion pieces and DVD extras for both Shameless and Hollyoaks.

I'll be sitting down in the awesome 'On The 7th' to interview Jordan on the evening of February 10th 2017 - AND I WANT YOUR QUESTIONS!

There are no stupid questions - except the ones YOU DON'T ASK - so if you have a question you want Jordan to answer, please submit it!

Your question could be on casting, directing, working with actors... ANYTHING - please shout up!

Simply login, revisit this page and leave your question in the comments section below!

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I can't wait to bring this to you guys! 🙂