Why ALL Actors Need To Drop ‘TrueTwit’ NOW!

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Over the last few months I've been highly focused on raising the Twitter presence of BOTH the 'Act On This' brand, and my personal brand as Ross Grant - the actor.

It's been a very interesting process, and I've learnt some great strategies to engage with fellow acting industry tweeps - giving these people MASSIVE value, whilst simultaneously increasing my own exposure and following.

People might not want to admit it, but I've heard direct from the mouths of exec producers and channel execs - that SOCIAL STATS MATTER.

I've managed to grow the Twitter following of Act On This in a highly targeted fashion, adding 10,000 new followers (genuine acting industry folk) over the last 4 months, and I'm on course to do the same for my personal account too.

However, during this process - ONE THING has annoyed me time and time again - and that is TrueTwit validation.

What Is TrueTwit Validation?

TrueTwit is a service that connects to your Twitter account, on the premise that it will stop you receiving spam messages through the platform.

It verifies if a follower is human, rather than a robot - yes there are around 25 million robot accounts on Twitter.

To a social media newcomer, that sounds pretty good right?

So Why Isn't That Good?

Because in reality, TrueTwit TURNS YOU INTO THE SPAMMER!

Anytime someone tries to follow YOU - they receive an automated direct message from your account, with an incredibly annoying message to say that 'x uses TrueTwit validation'.

The person who has taken time out to follow your account, in the hope to make a connection with you, is then told to click a link, visit the TrueTwit site - and then fill in some unreadable CAPTCHA code, in order to prove they are human.

Receivers of this message can’t even DM you back, because you aren’t following them yet - it's frustrating as hell.

The service you are using to prevent spam, is actually sending it out left, right and centre - on your behalf.

The only way a user can avoid having to fill in the annoying CAPTCHA is to sign up for the service themselves.

It's a clever marketing ploy for TrueTwit to make money from premium subscriptions to the service.

TrueTwit Is Costing You Followers

By using TrueTwit, not only are you annoying the heck out of anyone who genuinely wants to follow you, but you are actively repelling followers.

Now, If I follow an actor who uses TrueTwit, I instantly delete their auto-message and will simply NOT follow them.

I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to connect with you.

I won't be the only one doing this either - I'm sure directors, casting directors, agents and more, feel exactly the same way about the shoddy service.

Seriously, if you want to grow your social media presence on Twitter - DON'T BE A TWIT - drop TrueTwit NOW!

Want To Get Rid Of TrueTwit?

If you have signed up to TrueTwit and want to stop sending out DMs - follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Twitter account
  • Visit the 'Settings' tab
  • Click on 'Apps'
  • Find TrueTwit
  • Click 'Revoke Access' - and you're done!

Click the message below to save your Twitter followers from falling into this trap too!

Now get out there and GROW your following!

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