Upcoming #ActOnThisTV Episode With Red Exec Producer Tom Sherry!

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The cast of Paranoid!

The cast of Paranoid!

It gives me great pleasure to confirm my special guest for #ActOnThisTV episode 4 will be TOP TV executive producer - Mr Tom Sherry!

Tom is one of the nicest guys in the business, and works at the highest peaks of the industry when it comes to TV drama.

Producing at the helm of Red Production Company, Tom has been responsible for the success of MASSIVE dramas, including Scott & Bailey, Ordinary Lies, Prey and ITV's brand new drama Paranoid.

I've wanted to bring an exec producer onto the show for some time, as it's these guys who really have the final say when it comes to casting.

We hear what casting directors are looking for all the time, but what is it that the execs really need from us actors?

I'll be sitting down in the awesome 'On The 7th' to interview Tom on the evening of September 21st 2016 - AND I WANT YOUR QUESTIONS!

There are no stupid questions - except the ones YOU DON'T ASK - so if you have a question you want Tom to answer, please submit it!

Simply login, revisit this page and leave your question in the comments section below!

You can also tweet me your questions, using the Twitter button below:

Check out the trailer for Tom's latest show 'Paranoid':