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#ShowreelSurgery Ep 1 – With The ‘Showreel Doctor’ – Chris Stone!

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Broadcast Guest:
Chris Stone
Broadcast Topic:
Making your showreel work for you!
Broadcast Length:
1 hour and 57 minutes!

A BIG WELCOME to the first Act On This #ShowreelSurgery with special guest - the 'Showreel Doctor' - Mr Chris Stone!

Since launching Act On This, 5 years ago, I must have been sent close to 2000 actors' showreels to watch and critique.

That's taught me 2 things:

1 - Actors really struggle to feel happy with their showreels.

2 - Getting a showreel 'right' is a unique mix of art and science.

One man who has been CRITICAL in helping me get my own showreel 'right' over the years is TOP director and showreel producer, Chris Stone.

In what we hope will become a regular feature, #ShowreelSurgery gives actors from all around the world, the opportunity to learn cutting edge strategies and unique tactics, to take their showreel and acting career to the next level and beyond!

Example Showreels

You can watch both Ross' acting showreel and Chris' showreel producing reel below:

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