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Victor Jenkins & Kelly Valentine Hendry Lift The Lid On Drama Casting!

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Podcast Guest:
Victor Jenkins & Kelly Valentine Hendry
Podcast Topic:
Casting Broadchurch and other high-profile drama!
Podcast Length:
1 hour and 3 minutes!

Victor Jenkins and Kelly Valentine Hendry established VHJ Casting in 2010.

Since then, the duo have gone on to become a tour de force in the TV and film industry, casting some of the BIGGEST projects to ever grace our screens!

Recent projects include ITV's phenomenal Broadchurch, Law & Order: UK, From There To Here, Grantchester, The Wrong Mans, E!'s brand new drama The Royals and the hilarious Episodes starring Matt LeBlanc.

Projects soon to grace our screens include ITV's upcoming World War 2 drama Home Fires, Juno Temple and Tim Spall's new movie Away, Ray Winstone's The Trials Of Jimmy Rose and Kelly and Victor will soon start work on ITV's upcoming drama Midwinter Of The Spirit.

After months of stalking, tweeting, emailing and down-right begging - the pair finally agreed to let Ross into their offices to spill the secrets on high-profile drama casting.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Kelly and Victor's casting process for Broadchurch and other primetime dramas.
  • Why the duo send their casting breakdowns out to ALL agents.
  • How to approach Kelly and Victor as an unknown actor.
  • The main reasons an actor would NOT be invited to audition.
  • What makes a great showreel and why montages are needless.
  • The rise and rise of self-taping.
  • Why EVERY actor in the UK that has 'made it' has deserved to make it.

And MUCH MUCH more!

This podcast provides another invaluable insight into the world of drama casting and is a MUST LISTEN for all actors wanting to take their audition game up a level.

Kelly's Nominated Charity - Mind

Kelly's nominated charity for this podcast is Mind.

Victor's Nominated Charity - Bowel Cancer UK

Victor's nominated charity for this podcast is Bowel Cancer UK.