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2 Weeks That Changed Her Life – Krissi Bohn On Her New Role In Coronation Street!

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Podcast Guest:
Krissi Bohn
Podcast Topic:
From NHS worker to Corrie star in 2 weeks!
Podcast Length:
38 minutes

After seeing soap newcomer Krissi Bohn explode onto the cobbles as Jenna Kamara in ITV's Coronation Street last week, we just had to invite her into the Act On This studio for a chat about the extraordinary twist of fate that lead to her landing the role, as well as all things Weatherfield!

Up until July this year Krissi was actually training as an NHS healthcare worker, after taking a break from her acting career and putting her dreams of success on hold.

7 years of struggle in the industry since leaving drama school had taken it's toll and Krissi was aiming for a more stable career and future.

An email from her old agent was about to change everything, and within the space of 2 short weeks, Krissi's life was to be turned upside down!

During the time Ross spent with Krissi, the pair discussed:

  • The reality of leaving drama school, and the fact that having an agent upon graduation is absolutely no guarantee of success.
  • The importance of understanding the audition process BEFORE auditioning for anything!
  • Krissi's decision to take a break from her acting career.
  • The email that was to change Krissi's career forever.
  • The importance of taking regular TV acting classes.
  • The audition process that lead to Krissi landing the role of Jenna in Corrie.
  • Her first couple of months, and what Krissi is learning from the other cast members on the show.

And MUCH MUCH more!

Krissi was an absolute pleasure to chat with, and a this podcast proves that as actors we NEVER know just what the future has in store for us!

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Krissi's Nominated Charity - Back Up - Transforming Lives After Spinal Cord Injury

Krissi's nominated charity for this podcast is Back Up - a great charity supporting people who have suffered from spinal cord injury.

  • George Astbury

    Really interesting interview. Inspiring. 🙂

    • Really glad you enjoyed it George! Thanks for submitting your questions for Krissi too!

  • I loved this podcast. I’ve been through so many of the emotions that you and Krissi discussed. I’ve also mainly worked in theatre (I see she’s been at Keswick too), so found it really poignant.
    I liked the way you immediately asked “what could you have done differently?” at getting work.
    I do that all the time.
    Interesting that Krissi said she didn’t think she’d acted any better at the audition but she was just more chilled. Such a great tip. We can get so hung up the job that it’s often when we don’t care that we actually get it.
    Should I become a healthcare worker?

    • It’s an amazing story isn’t it Nick! Just shows, it could happen to ANY of us, at ANY time!

      Thanks for listening!

  • I really enjoyed this podcast have learnt a lot, having graduated only a year now it gives me a lot of wisdom to do things differently and maybe gives me that chance to land more auditions earlier than waiting two years for something to come up, but I think that’s a great advice too be chill and to treat each audition as a chance to act, will totally take this on bored and keep carrying on!

    • Cheers for the great comments Sid! More podcasts on the way VERY soon!