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Casting Networks hits the UK!

Casting Networks hits the UK!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, you will more than likely have heard of Casting Networks Incorporated - a brand new casting service for UK actors.

Now before you say, "oh, not another one...", Casting Networks is actually one of the largest casting solutions on the planet, yet until very recently it's only been available to actors overseas.

The UK side of Casting Networks was launched around 6 months ago, and already has thousands of actors registered to the service.

So what makes this service different to Spotlight, Casting Call Pro, etc?

Well let us tell you!

There is ONE HUGE difference with Casting Networks and it's something you should all be aware of.

Casting Networks does not only supply the regular casting service that you've come to expect from other available solutions, it also supplies a one stop software solution for casting directors to send out their casting briefs, call those artistes they want to see, record and upload their casting sessions for clients, and build a custom database of artistes that they would like to use in projects going forward.

The fact that Casting Networks is making the jobs of UK casting directors far easier is the EXACT reason you NEED to know about it, and why you should get registered with them.

The Act On This team is in regular contact with many of the UK's top casting directors, and we are seeing Casting Networks software being adopted by those who are casting some of the biggest TV projects in the UK.

For that very reason, we met with Casting Networks this week, and have arranged to record a podcast with them, giving you the full low down on what you can expect from the service.

We'll be discussing the advantages of Casting Networks, what the service currently offers UK actors, how much the service will cost, as well as the team's plans for the rest of 2012 and beyond!

(for a limited time, UK actors can sign up to the service for FREE! Don't hang around!)

Maybe you're already signed up to Casting Networks, maybe this is the first you have heard of them - get involved with the podcast!

If you have any questions at all that you would like answering by the Casting Networks team, please leave them in the comments section below this blog post.

We'll make sure they get answered!

For now, you can find out more about Casting Networks by;

Visiting the Casting Networks official website

Liking the Casting Networks Facebook page

Following Casting Networks on Twitter

  • Just joined it as my agent had a free membership code for his actors.

    Couldn’t get the tutorial to play as it told me I needed a plug-in but didn’t tell me what I needed to download/plug-in. Or where to get it from.

    Don’t know how to list my work credits.

    Overall the first impressions was not good as it is very American.

    Is this website actually just aimed at booking supporting artists?

    • @traceybriggs Hi Tracey!

      Casting Networks is literally just getting on it’s feet in the UK, but the casting directors who I have been working with over the last 2 months have all been talking about it, and beginning to use it’s software.

      You’ll find that casting directors are currently using Spotlight and Casting Networks side by side. Obviously Spotlight is more established, but Casting Networks gives casting directors awesome software to run their castings.

      Some casting directors are putting briefs out a few hours in advance on Casting Networks before they hit Spotlight as an incentive for agents to get signed up and of course their artistes. It’s not a supporting artistes service, it’s full blown casting.

      The team at CN are ware of the American nature of the current profile layout and will be adapting it over the next few weeks for us Brits.

      It’s certainly one to watch, and I’ll get the full low down for everyone when I interview the CN team on Monday!

  • Well wasn’t I in a grumpy mood when I posted yesterday. Apologies for that.

    Glad to hear it is aimed at actors too and they will be working to make it less American.

    Also it looks like you can upload lots of showreel clips including tiny little ones that can go next to a particular credit, say for a commercial you’ve recently done.

    I certainly get the impression that it’s very casting director friendly, with lots of clever stuff for organising complicated commercial castings.

    It will be interesting to find out more and ultimately it’s a bit cheeky to complain when I have been given a free membership. I think I’m just more used to the interface of Spotlight and I do worry that a little further down the line I may end up having to find money that I don’t have to be in two different directories.

  • I agree totally with Tracey. I’m all for competition but in order to take on Spotlight, any other alternative casting directory will have to make sure EVERY casting director and EVERY agent uses it. Until then you will have the situation where the customer, that is the actor will have to pay for both to have maximum exposure. Spotlight is not broken so doesn’t need to be fixed and there will be traditionalist industry professionals who will take a long time before they use anything else.

    In Australia there is the situation where there are numerous casting directories. Showcast belongs to the same professional organisation as Spotlight and Actors Breakdown in America. Another company often hosts agents websites so the actor has no choice but to advertise with them. Hence more expense. Also how many showreel clips does an actor need to upload anyway? As long as its your best and current work. Agents and casting directors don’t have the time to trawl through them all. It is the actor who has to pay.