Ratings Drop For Spooks As Downton Abbey Races Ahead!

General News

Last week Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith Crawley in Downton Abbey, revealed that she thinks BBC bosses must be 'mad' to have scheduled the new series of Spooks at the same time as the hit ITV drama.

Well it appears she may have been right, after Downton's ratings raced even further ahead last night, with Spooks losing nearly half a million viewers compared with last week.

Spooks dropped to an average audience of 4.15m (15.18%) across the 9pm hour, down from the previous week’s series debut of 4.62m (17.03%).

It was more than a million viewers below the second episode in last year’s series, which attracted an audience of 5.21m (21.67%).

Not great news as this performance was also Spooks’ third worst in the past five years.

Downton Abbey, however, continued to dominate with an audience of 9.07m (34.23%) - above last week’s 8.9m (34.44%) viewers - across ITV1 and ITV1 HD. Another 415,600 (2.52%) watched over on ITV1+1.

Figures will change over the course of the week once recorded viewing is taken into account, but with Downton providing some of the largest viewing figures ITV Player has ever seen, it will take a miracle to 'Spook' it from the top spot!

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