David Tennant And Billie Piper ‘Love Life’ In New BBC Drama!

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The former Doctor Who duo David Tennant and Billie Piper are to join forces once more in a new romantic drama for the BBC called Love Life.

BBC drama boss Ben Stephenson, unveiled the new five-part series at the Edinburgh TV Festival last weekend.

Love Life, also starring Jane Horrocks, David ­Morrissey and Ashley Walters, will focus on five affairs in one town, and will be the first BBC drama ever to contain a number of improvised scenes.

Stephenson said: “It features some of our very best acting talent working in a way we’ve never seen on screen from them before.”

The series, which has been written by BAFTA winner Dominic Savage, hits TV screens in the New Year.

... improvisation eh? As an actor, you either LOVE it, or HATE it!

Let us know what think think of it below.

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    • @tim Couldn’t agree more mate! That’s the EXACT reason this its was set up! To give us little folk the ability to learn the skills to get our faces out there and amongst it!

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